Sperrins Gateway

The Sperrins Gateway Story of Lime

The Story of Lime project will bring to life the industrial heritage of the once thriving lime industry of the foothills of Slieve Gallion. School visits, reminiscence events, information leaflets and interpretation panels will preserve the cultures, landscape features, memories and history of this locally important industry that may otherwise be lost.

 By collecting local people’s remaining memories of lime and interpreting the lime industries impact on the landscape character, through the changes in agriculture and its remaining built heritage, the complete story of lime can be told, from its geological formation through the history of its local uses and the development of the commercial industry.

The Story of Lime can be secured for future generations with the information leaflets and interpretation panels, by developing an on-line resource and by showcasing built heritage features that have been restored through Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership programme.



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