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The Plantin' Park - Moykeeran

Moykeeran Park, or 'The Plantin'  as it is known locally, is a small urban park in the heart of Draperstown. Adjacent to the Moykeeran housing estate and the Council's Moykeeran Play Park, 'The Plantin' has been used by people of all ages.

Over 30 years of use has had a toll on the infrastructure of the park and surfaces of its paths, the bridges and the quality of its biodiversity have all declined in recent years. As a result of ths, the usage of the park has dropped and anti-scocial behaviour, often as a result of under-age drinking, has increased. This has led to a vicious cycle of underuse which in turn has lead to more anti-social behaviour. 

The project, run jointly between Magherafelt District Council and Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership, will reinstate the park's importance to the community, increasing its use and its biodiversity.

Work includes infrasturcture renovation of bridges and paths, additional seating, protection of erosion from the stream and planting of native species of trees and flowers.

The project plans include working with the local schools and developing a sense of local pride in the park.

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