Sperrins Gateway

Spurs of Rock - Sperrins Gateway Geodiversity Project

The geomorphology and geological features found within the Sperrins Gateway are representative of the whole Sperrin Area Of Natural Beauty (AONB). 

The Spurs of Rock project aims to raise awareness of the geology and geodiversity of the Sperrins Gateway Landscape. This will be achieved by providing opportunities for local people and visitors to enjoy and learn about their landscape and to help protect the features that give the landscape its special character.  The project will celebrate the connections between the area’s geodiversity and its landscape character, biodiversity, economic and cultural history including place names, archaeology, mythology, folklore and traditions.

•     To provide the local community and visitors an easy to use guide booklet of the geodiversity of the area and its connections with built, natural and cultural heritage

•     To improve knowledge and understanding among local people we will the create a range of interpretative materials including information panels, web based information and guided tours

•     To enhance education we will where possible link to the formal education system through the local schools and youth service providers by providing engaging and relevant educational resources from worksheets and rock kits to guided field visits

•     The Sperrins Gateway landscape Partnership will aim to use the Spurs of Rock project to raise the understanding of the geodiversity of the whole Sperrins AONB and will feed into the AONB management planning process in the future



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