Sperrins Gateway

Moyola River Enhancement Project

Working together in partnership the Moyola Angling Association and Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership identified restoration and enhancement works along the Moyola in Strawmore.

The project aims to carry out physical work to :

  1. improve benthic invertebrates
  2. erect stock proof fence along the river bank to reduce sedimentation where cattle could trample the riverbank
  3. install groynes to deflect water flow to keep sediment free of substrate
  4. remove a selection of non-native trees and reduce shading, and
  5. raise awareness of the challenges facing the river environment and to further reduce the risks of degradation through engagement with the local community.

Northern Ireland Environemnt Agency in their Moyola Local Area Management Aciton Plan 2009-2015 describes the water quality as moderate quality and that the water environment needs to be protected or improved, particularly where the invertebrate and macrophyte communities were impacted.

The project will carry out practical work and raise awareness through community engagement to understand catchment management issues and promote pollution prevention and include the NIEA Pollution Hotine Number on all information.

Funding has been achieved through Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s (NIEA) Water Quality Improvement Grant, Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership and supported through materials offered in kind from the Rivers Agency of the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure (DCAL) , as well as trainees on the ‘Up for Work Programme’, a work based training and employment scheme, and volunteers from their MAA club

NIEA Pollution Hotline Telephone Number : 0800 80 70 60

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