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Christmas Workshops 2013

Traditionally greenery from the landscape was used to decorate our homes over Christmas. Modern times has meant that buying decorations has become normal and this small link to the greenery and the meanings behing the plants that decorate our homes is being lost.

Kilcronaghan Community Group, Tirgan Community Hall and Sixtowns History and Heritage Group are working to reintroduce the traditional christmas decorations.

The events talked about the symbolism and changed meanings of holly, ivy, mistletoe and christmas trees. New decorations such as candles, apples and poinsettas were also looked at.

Using this information the groups made wreaths, Yule logs and other decorations using local plants and inspiration from the Slieve Gallion landscape. 

The range of decorations were unique and stunning and everyone enjoyed the fun of getting together to make these Christams decorations.



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